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Life can be a confusing journey that is full of twists and turns. There are so many paths you can take that could lead to different outcomes. With so many possibilities before you, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and fearful of the future.

Search for guidance with Mystic Mandy a psychic medium and palm reader in Muskoka, Ontario.  Get clarity and answers on your life's biggest burning questions and concerns. 

What Lies Ahead 


May 26th 
10am to 4pm Bracebridge Fairgrounds Holistic Healing Fair. Book now.

June 9th Grand Bend Holistic Healing Fair at the Oakwood Resort.

June 15th 
My Moon Collective Orillia Ontario

June 29th 
My Moon Collective
Orillia Ontario

July 27th 
My Moon Collective
Orillia Ontario

August 11 Ancaster Holistic Healing Fair being held at the Ancaster fair ground

August 31st 
My Moon Collective 
Orillia Ontario

September 8th 
Newmarket Holistic Healing Fair at the Newmarket community center Lions Hall

October 25th 
My Moon Collective Witches Night 
Orillia Ontario

October 27th 
Sudbury Holistic Healing Fair at the Caruso Club 

Novenber 17th
Collingwood Holistic Healing Fair at Georgian Bay hotel


Get  your biggest questions & concerns answered by contacting Mandy today.

Get set up with a private call today.  

All you have to do is click the button.


I offer palm readings and tarot card readings so you can redirect your life and achieve your goals. I can help you remove negative energy from your home, mind, body & spirit so you can lead a healthier and more positive life.

Mystic Mandy

Phone: 519-216-1545

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